Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just Breathe

Some Saturday mornings you find yourself awake at 6:15am and need to get up and see what God wants to say in this still, dark, quiet moment....and sometimes....He answers.

Riding the waves of my emotions, I feel ...tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming. [Ephesians 4:14]

I weary from being tossed about by the world's calamity.  I read too much.  I see too much.  I hear too much.  I find myself exhausted in this place.  I live in a world where fame comes in 140 characters, so everyone who is anyone or anyone who thinks they are someone speaks and my ears are full.  Everybody has a story to tell.  Everyone speaks loudly and yet I don't hear a word.  My mind is a storm stirring debris between my ears.  My heart is cloudy with emotions.  I can hardly keep standing.  I need strength to just keep breathing...

I seek solid ground.  I seek solid foundation under my feet.  I seek security and rest.  I feel like a lost, ignorant lamb needing a shepherd.  I need to be rooted and feel established.  My soul searches for what it longs for.  The emptiness is here and I need to find my purpose, my calling, my fulfillment of something greater than me, something more valuable than what this world gives, something more....God, I need you now.

Breathless, I read His promise, I will rejoice in doing them good and will assuredly plant them in this land with all my heart and soul. [Jeremiah 32]  Not only will my Father secure me, but He assuredly secures me with all of His heart and soul.  He establishes me.  He holds me up in His righteous right hand, reminding me that I'm His and He's never left my side.  He's seen me through the darkest night and He's the one whose loved me all of my life.

My soul finds rest in God alone....He is my fortress, I will never be shaken. Psalm 62
He hems me in. His hand is upon me.  Psalm 139

I'm whole again.  I breathe Him in and let Him sanctify me again.  Cleanse my heart, O God, examine me and know my anxious thoughts, then give me the peace that passes understanding so I can walk again....securely down the path of peace, without all the noise.

This is what the LORD says: As I have brought calamity on this people, so I will give them all the prosperity I have promised them....I will restore their fortunes, declares the LORD. [Jeremiah 32]

Seek peace and pursue it.  
I sought the LORD and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

MUMS the Word

This Friday, Luke takes his girlfriend, Jordan on a date to a real TEXAS homecoming...MUM and all! (shout-out to my Sassy-P for making it!)  Although I myself went to high school in Texas, and love this state more than you should by the way, I am seriously questioning the outrageousness of this tradition and would like to know WHO decided since 1991 that these already gaudy things needed to grow??  I'm guessing Hobby Lobby and Michael's had something to do with it, but try explaining this to third world countries...that's all I'm saying.  *Insert Debbie Downer wah-wah here.

Anyway, son, HAVE FUN!!! :)

Pictures to come...

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Glimpse Into My Current Season

2015-2016  Homeschooling a SENIOR, a FRESHMAN and a 2nd Grader

There is a time for everything.  This is a busy season, but it's only a season...

Sunday Night: Make sure lesson plans (mostly done this summer for all of first semester) are done or revised and print off for older 2 their weekly spreadsheet.  Fill Moriah's binder with her work.

8:30am We all start school with Bible and a prayer.  
10:00am Luke leaves for his classes at DE, our co-op at FBC Fort Worth.  There he takes Business Math and Understanding the Times, a worldview class by Summit Ministries.  He drives himself and gets home for lunch around 12:45.  Moriah is usually done with her school work by this time.  Every 2 or 3 weeks we go to the library for a new set of books to read!
1:00 Moriah will start a new adventure this Monday: Learning how to cross-stitch with Ms. Sallie!  She can't wait to meet each week to "sew" at Ms. Sallie's house, just a few blocks away.
1:30 Grace's Algebra 1 class at the co-op is 2-3:30, and while math isn't her favorite subject, she is getting very good at it!
3:45 Home to practice piano, check kids work, start dinner and assign chores 
5:30 Moriah's Petite Company Tap class (Mom reads Bible Study/book: Seamless)
5-9 Luke works at McAlister's (His schedule is different every week, but this shows you this week's.)
Brad has meetings often on Mondays, but we all end up back together at some point.  (Moriah needs her bedtime song at 9pm nightly, sung only by Daddy.)

8:30am Luke starts school and homework from co-op
9:00 Mom and girls leave for morning classes at FBC Colleyville
9:30 Moriah takes American Girl History class, and of course takes a doll with her, while Grace studies in Mom's office and Mom prepares for class.
10:30 Mom teaches IEW Writing to 9 kids, including her own Graciegirl, and Moriah does her homework at a table nearby.
11:45 Be sure everything is ready for Thursday (I'll explain later.) Home for lunch, finish school, LOTS of grading, laundry, chores, practice piano, etc.
Meanwhile Luke has been at work on the lunch shift 10:45-2:00.  He finishes his work later.
Tuesdays are our family nights, with nothing on the calendar, unless we have the college kids over for dinner like last week. :)  

(Starts much like Monday)
+ I email my writing class an update for parents, prepare for Thursday, catch up on grading and make lunches for tomorrow.
10:00am Luke leaves for his classes.  Home by 12:45
1:30 Grace's Algebra 1 class at the co-op is 2-3:30.
4:00 Leave for Moriah's Jazz and Lyrical classes 4:30-6:30
6:30 Drive the speed limit to church for AWANA, meeting for the first time this year at our church!  I am enjoying the women's study, Seamless.
7:30 Choir, which Mom only stays for if she's caught up with everything else. (sigh...To everything there is a season...)

8:15 Mom and Moriah leave for VENTURE, where Mom is now the director!  Venture is a homeschool enrichment program at FBC Colleyville, where kids in 1st through 6th grade take great classes and Moms get a day off!  I have 4 wonderfully gifted teachers that rotate kids all day teaching Bible, Drama, PE/Health, Engineering Science and Spanish.  Moriah loves being on the BLUE team and learning with her friends!  She takes her lunchbox and backpack and has so much fun!
3:00 Home to change, get a snack, practice piano and maybe lay down for 5 minutes. Whew!
4:00 Put the tiny dancer's hair in a tight bun and head with the girls to ballet/technique 4:30-7
While I'm waiting, Grace and I go to Target, read, do homework, sit and veg, get some dinner or grade. (I do a lot of grading these days.)
6:30-7:30 Grace started taking HIP HOP this year as her PE credit and loves it!  She gets a great workout and has so much fun!
7:45 We're finally home.  Where's my pillow?

9:00 Fridays must start later with much coffee consumption throughout the day for higher survival rates.  Make a list of Friday priorities to finish this week strong, and start next week well.  Write Venture email for a weekly wrap-up, gathering incoming emails from all teachers and looking at what's coming next week to keep parents informed and make yet another list!  By noon, I stop thinking about Venture until next Tuesday. At least that's my goal....that I'm working on. :)
1:00 Leave for Moriah's 30 minute piano lesson in Southlake, which seems to require a trip to Trader Joe's or Central Market, since those are my favorites and I'm sure I need something they have. 
4:00 Math due Monday must be done by this time, so that I can grade it and give back to correct.  (Grading never seems to end....kind of like the laundry, but did I mention how blessed I am?! )
It's Friday!  I get to DATE my husband or watch Netflix or go to bed 'cause I'm crazy like that.

I'm blessed.  I'm also tired.  This song taken from Ecclesiastes keeps running in my mind...

 And a time for every purpose under heaven.