Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Choosing Gratefulness

Today I took my girls to the park, a super fun playground with a picnic lunch and potties close by and swings and monkey bars and slides!  We left after 30 minutes because there were bees.  I tried to explain to my girls that if they just thought more about the fun than they did the bugs we could stay and enjoy this beautiful fun, but I realized I do the same thing...
  • I love this weather, but it activates my allergies and *snort, sniffle, cough*
  • I can wear flip flops!  Oh dear, NO I need to get my toes done.
  • I love homeschooling…today.  Some days not so much.
  • I'm reading "The Best Yes" but some days I don't read it because it's not. (This actually makes total sense if you know what the book is about.)
  • My husband works hard…sometimes too hard.  *Pout
  • My kids make me proud and make me laugh, and sometimes…make me mad.
  • Is it only Tuesday?  It's already Tuesday!  (At least it's not Monday!)
  • This is the day the Lord has made (Psalm118:24)…but also, this day is evil (Eph5:16).
With every good thing, there is something I can come up with that could spin it to the negative.  With every good thought, there is a downside.
Choosing the positive spin today.  Of course, it's easiest to find the negative because we're on earth, this side of heaven.  Praying God would help me see the blessings and be grateful for them.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015


My favorite Christmas gift this year comes in a darling little box every month.
I got a Birchbox subscription!  Thanks Terri & Melissa!  I love it!

Every month I get to try samples of fun makeup, fragrances, lotions, and more!
When I first got mine, I went to a site and filled out a little survey about my preferences, like skin tone etc.  I'm loving everything I've gotten so far and I've only gotten 2 boxes.

I think Brad wants one for his birthday now that I've told him they make them for boys!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Marriage Conference 2015

Who:  All married couples
What:  Overnight stay at Embassy Suites DFW South
When:  Friday, February 6th - Saturday, February 7th 2015
Where:  Embassy Suites DFW South, 4650 West Airport Freeway, Irving, TX 75062
Cost:  $150 (per couple)*
Includes hotel room, breakfast, and all other conference costs
*$50 deposit will hold your spot with the remaining balance due by Sunday, January 18.
$25 per couple for conference only

Sign up after church this Sunday, December 21, in the Commons Area.

Contact Laura Vinson for more details:  lvinson@shadyoaks.org

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Chronicles of Peace

  • Since mid-June Grace has been on Humira and feeling fine.
  • Weekend of October 24-26: the kids and I went to Kansas to visit family and see a CYT show.
  • Monday morning, October 27: Grace told me she'd been feeling sick and thought her inflammation was back.  We packed bags for a possible hospital stay.
  • Monday afternoon we made an appointment with her GI Dr. Goyal.  He scheduled a scope.
  • Wednesday, October 29: Grace had a colonoscopy/endoscopy/ileoscopy.  Inflammation was all over her colon, in her duodenum and later we'd find out from the biopsy that it was also in her small intestine.  The next step was to remove her colon, leaving her ostomy bag until we know the next step.
  • Wednesday, November 5: appointment with Dr. Alder, the surgeon who did her ileostomy.  He would be able to do her surgery on November 24 [after he has ACL surgery himself].
Meanwhile, Grace was in a full-out flare.  We kept her fever and pain down with around-the-clock Tylenol and her nausea at bay with around-the-clock Zofran.  Even with those meds, she didn't feel great.  She had no energy and still felt the need to poop even with the ostomy bag.   She got up several times in the night to go to the bathroom, with pain and that strange urgency that usually kept her there a while.  She didn't go anywhere.  We were just happy to not be at the hospital.  Daddy put up Christmas decorations to make us happy and so we would have them up when we got out of the hospital.  He even put up lights on the house for the first time in years!  People would ask if Grace is nervous.  I think more than anything she just wanted to get it over with….and feel well.
  • Monday, November 24 wearing my TEAM GRACE tee, we drive to the hospital at 5am listening to a playlist made just for this day:  Stronger by Mandisa, He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli, Safe by Phil Wickham, Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin and He Knows by Jeremy Camp
  • But "Need You Now" was the song stuck in my head for most of the day, like background music for this moment in our story, or maybe just how God spoke to me quietly all day long.
  • After 4 hours, all was well and everything happened just as perfectly as it could have.  She awoke in terrible pain, but we just kept telling her it would be over soon.  We had no idea how quickly that would be true.  After 2 full days in the hospital, she was taking selfies and aside from lingering pain at times, seemed to be much better.
  • Wednesday, November 26:  We went home at 2pm.  Thankful. 
  • Today:  She feels good.  She hasn't needed any pain meds at all.  She loves that she can sleep all night long.  She isn't ready to run a marathon, but she is so happy to be home!  AND EAT!  She can eat, praise the Lord!  Turkey and taters and almost anything she wants!
Thank you all for prayers and love sent from so far.  We are blessed.  The verse that Grace and I talked through on the way to the hospital is our new family verse for 2015.  Our word is PEACE, because there is no place to be, like in His perfect peace.