Sunday, November 24, 2013

Home Sweet Home



Rochelle said...

your new home!!!!!!!!!! I've wondered what it looked like. We are in full blown winter here -- Glad DFW is still experiencing sun, green grass and leaves! :0) Glad ya'll are home!!!!!!

SAL @ WORDS CAFE said...

Should clarify, this pic was taken this summer. :) There are brown leaves covering the ground now but def not full blown winter yet here. Just a little cold, which Dallas weathermen always title as "ARCTIC FREEZE". Haha

Sally Martin said...

So glad you are at home again. May you have a blessed relaxing Thanksgiving. Looks like you have a lovely house to put your home in. When our daughter was about five years old we sold our house and had to live in motels for about a month and a half. Cindy would say to us ever few days "Daddy, Mommy where is our home going to stay tonight." It made us realize how very important for us to be a family (home) no matter if we are in a hospital, motel or a friends house. May God richly bless you all and we will continue praying for you.